Message From the Club President

image of Christiana Rotary president Carol BrindleIt is my Honor and Pleasure to serve as the 2013-2014 President of the Christiana Rotary Club.
The theme for Rotary International this year is: “Encourage Rotary and Change Lives”.  This ties in nicely with what our club accomplishes each year. Front of mind would be our T.O.U.C.H program in which we have changed hundreds of children’s lives over the past years that may never have had a Christmas if it weren’t for us. We should all be very proud! 
It will be a fun year and I plan to continue with the Charities that we’ve supported in the past while adding a few new charities. Each year our TOUCH program continues to grow and I have confidence that we will raise the money needed this year to make Christmas special for ALL the children. I am extremely thankful to be associated with such a dynamic group of people and your dedication is appreciated.
I have the same vision as all incoming presidents in growing Membership and I have confidence that with the Membership committee and the help of the whole club, we will see substantial growth this year. Our NARC committee will be very active attending events to spread the word about Rotary. Offsite meetings with new members will also take place to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the 5 avenues of Rotary which will assist them in choosing a committee that they have interest in.
Every member of the club, guests and speakers play an important role and each of you are truly valued! Let’s make this a fun filled year working as a team to ENCOURAGE ROTARY and CHANGE LIVES!
Yours in Rotary,
Carol Brindle
Christiana Rotary