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Cameroon School

A global grant application for funding to provide access to clean water with training in operations, maintenance, and hygiene in Binshua village, Northwest Region, Cameroon, submitted by RC Kumbo (D-9150) and RC Christiana (D-7630), has been approved by The Rotary Foundation. The award is in the amount of US $33,640.

Cameroon School

The Binshua Village has 6500 residents in addition to about 13,000 yearly visitors to the village’s health center along with three primary schools.

The goals and objectives of this project are

  1. Provide access to clean water for drinking and other domestic uses all year round;

  2. Create and strengthen the ability of the community to sustain the new water system;

  3. Create opportunities for improved personal hygiene and community sanitation; and

  4. Create and support educational programs that enhance awareness of the benefits of safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

Looking Forward.

Samba Tata of the Newark Evening Rotary Club approached Jill Gordy of the Christiana Rotary Club three years ago to help him. It has been an arduous task because of the lack of development in Binshua. Without Samba’s faith in Jill, they would never have gotten there.

Kevin Thomas of the Christian Rotary Club is part of the global grant team. He graciously accepted Jill’s request of him to travel to Cameroon once the project was near completion to witness the impact on the village. Jill is attempting to also side trip Kevin to Kenya to visit other villages she has worked on with global grants.

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