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The Christiana Rotary offers one scholarship opportunity:

The George A. Thompson

Memorial Academic Scholarship

George A. Thompson was a very active member of The Christiana Rotary Club. He received the Club’s highest honor when he was named a Paul Harris Fellow in recognition of his service.

George’s commitment to the ideals of Rotary, and its motto “Service Above Self,” were reflected in his relations with business associates, competitors, friends and his fellow Rotarians.

By providing educational opportunities to young Delawareans in George’s memory, The Christiana Rotary Club wishes to recognize the contributions which George made to others by applying the principles of Rotary in everything he said and did in the community.


Over the last 25 years the Christiana Rotary has provided scholarships to more than 50 students with total awards of over $200,000. On February 13. 2020 the Christiana Rotary Club donate $100,000 to the University of Delaware to create an endowment fund to establish The Christiana Rotary Club Scholarship in Memory of George A. Thompson. This endowment will be invested with the proceeds from the investment benefiting Delaware students from New Castle County in the form of $2,000 per year Scholarships. Because of this the Christiana Rotary will not be accepting new applications directly to the Club. Students should go to the University of Delaware’s Scholarship web site.


The members of Christiana Rotary hope that upon graduation from college, all scholarship recipients will feel compelled to give back to the community, just as they were helped.



Eligibility Requirements for: 4-Year Academic Scholarship


Christiana Rotary has put a hold on awarding scholarships directly to students and have instead donated funds to the University of Delaware to establish the Christiana Rotary Scholarship in memory of George A. Thompson, that will be awarded to student through the University.


NOTE: Any child of a member of Christiana Rotary is not eligible.



Award Criteria for: 4-Year Academic Scholarship

The Scholarship Selection Committee considers the following criteria in awarding the Academic Scholarship:

  1. The applicant’s high school record and academic achievement.

  2. The applicant’s character and potential leadership ability as evidenced by activities and community service.

  3. Letters of recommendation and the applicant’s written personal statement.

  4. Results of the applicant’s interview with the committee (finalists only).


What to Submit if You Are Applying For: 4-Year Academic Scholarship  

(No applications are being accepted at this time)

Any student who wishes to apply for an academic scholarship must submit the following items:

  1. The application

  2. A transcript of the applicant’s academic achievement

  3. Documentation of how the applicant performed on the SATs and any achievement tests the applicant may have taken (a copy of the actual report of the test results is the preferred format)

  4. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s high school principal, vice principal, guidance counselor or teacher – this letter should include an evaluation of the applicant’s:

    1. character;

    2. leadership qualities;

    3. scholastic performance; and

    4. extracurricular activities.

  5. A typewritten letter (double-spaced) written by the applicant describing the applicant’s views on each of the following subjects:

    1. the applicant’s high school;

    2. why the applicant desires to further his or her education after high school; and

    3. the applicant’s reasons for selecting a specific college or university to attend.

  6. Additional letters of recommendation from school and/or community leaders may also be submitted, but are not required.

  7. Any additional supporting material that would help the committee to better understand the applicant is accepted but not required.


Application Forms: 4-Year Academic Scholarship


The Christiana Rotary Club is not currently accepting any application for Scholarship. For the foreseeable future all Scholarships provide by the Christiana Rotary Club will be awarded directly by the University of Delaware.



Maintenance Requirements for the Academic Scholarship

received directly through the Christiana Rotary Club

  1. Each semester, the recipient must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. As soon as the grades for each semester are received, the recipient must send them to his or her contact on the Scholarship Selection Committee. If, in any semester, the recipient’’s GPA falls below 3.0, the recipient will be placed on “probation.” This means that the Scholarship Selection Committee will review all mitigating circumstances before taking any action, including the termination of the scholarship.

  2. Throughout all 4 years of college, the recipient is expected to adhere to ethical and moral standards of living. Any behavior that falls below these standards (in the sole discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee) will be grounds for termination of the scholarship.

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